This blog gives an idea what goes on inside my head. Sometimes nothing, but sometimes something worth or not worth to blog. Either way, usually I might do it anyway. So, who’s me.. mostly it can be found out by reading this blog, since it’s going to tell what am I like, and what am I doing and thinking. For a quick recap I can help a little: I’m a person who likes to do programming for fun, and who also does the same thing for living. Isn’t that fun, at least I think so, what can be more fun than doing the best things in life for living 🙂

Other things I do.. Hmm, mostly I like listening to music, surfing on the net, hanging out with friends, the usual. Then I also like to do handiwork and assembly puzzles, big ones. I’m also a great fan of board games, I play them every time I get a change (lure someone over to play), and my favorite game is Settlers of Catan. Probably that’s all you need to know, I’m not going to go on favorite colors and such here, they change too often.


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