Where it begins

Some time ago I started a new hobby, geocaching. Probably most of the people at least know the activity or has been actively geocaching for some time already. Well, I haven’t. I have though heard many of my friends in IRC doing it, but I haven’t bothered to look up what’s going on. Who know me well, know also that I’m an inside person. If no one is taking me out for days, I will be splendidly spending the whole time inside programming or wasting time surfing through the net or babbling something on IRC. Lately I have noticed that this can’t go on forever, my physical health as an IT worker will suffer too much for this lazyness. Actually it’s not only lazyness, there’s too cold at winter and too hot at summer. When the temperature is right, it’s pouring rain. Besides, I don’t like pointless walking which only makes my feet ache, since they are more used to be resting comfy on my footstool while I myself am sitting comfy in an armchair located in front of my screen. When combining all this whining one can imagine why I needed a new hobby which will remove the pointlessness of being outside.

Few days I spent more days inside thinking what can make me motivated enough to go out. One day I remembered the people being enthusiastic about geocaching and I decided to find out what it was like. I registered to geocaching.com which lists all the caches all around the world and soon find out there was a few caches in radius of 500 meters from my home. There was no excuse for not trying to find one. First I was caught by a heavy rain, but I didn’t give up and continued looking up until the first cache was found. The first cache place was a good for starters because it was middle of a small woods and away from people sight, I could search in peace, no one laughing or pondering what am I doing.

The first finding made me feel so pleasant I wanted to look for another one too. It happened to be that we (me and my fiancé) had planned a trip to Yyteri by motorcycle and I was so excited that I checked, just in case, if there was any caches near the target. There was! One micro sized cache, in a very public place, middle of Yyteri sands. The cache was found easily, but logging it was hard, too many people wondering what am I doing, sitting there beside a trash can… I just tried to look not suspicious.. Nothing to see here, you know.

Anyway, it’s starting to get late, and I’m still babbling about my first geocache findings here, need to stop now. I was originally about to write about my next project “OpenCache” which will give me (and hopefully others)  some missing utilities to support my new hobby. Since my introduction to the subject got out of hands, I’ll introduce the project agenda in a separate post.